Gumboot Season in the Yarra Valley - 1st to 31st July 2016

There’s a chill in the air, the sky’s grey, and it’s wet underfoot but every year in the Yarra Valley, winter becomes Yarra Valley Gumboot Season. It’s all about dry feet, warm coats, and cosy hats. It’s all about rugging up and putting on your best gumboots and having a splash around the Yarra Valley’s wineries and restaurants. It’s all about warm welcomes at Cellar Doors, hearty winter food at cosy restaurants and brisk walks in the country. It’s all about open fires and relaxed conversations with winemakers who’d far prefer to be inside talking to you about their wine instead of out in the vineyard pruning. Most of all, it’s all about you getting off the sofa, getting yourself out to the Yarra Valley and having some fun in the wintery fresh air. Yarra Valley Gumboot Season – warm up in a cool place... BYO scarf